The bullshit that is Comcast.

The amount of crap that we’ve had to endure at the hands of this brainless cable provider has reached all time highs. For the past two months, following the collapse of Excite and Excite@Home, Comcast hass been transitioning users to their “high-speed” internet service. It’s not labeled as DSL, it’s not labeled as Cable, no one’s really sure what it is… besides bullshit that is. Before the new year, our connection was capable of speeds in excess of 500k/sec+. That’s not half bad for a cable modem. True, it was uncapped, but it was impressive non-the-less. Currently, the modems best efforts are typically a miserable 100k/sec tops. Thats a fairly signifigant drop in service. Why? Because they’ve decided to implement bandwidth restrictions both upstream and down. That was merely the begining. As of last night (2/28/02) Comcast has instituted new requirements for connecting to their network. For the time being, the connection to the web seems mildly stable, but that won’t last for long. Users are now REQUIRED to download and install Comcast’s software package in order to check email, newsgroups or to have access to their web space.

Not only are users required to use Comcast bug-ladden and ill-conceived software, they practically have to ask permission to do so. Here’s a clip from their new instructions on how to reconnect to your newsgroups:

Comcast now has a newsgroup service available to replace your @Home Newsgroups. If you are interested in signing up for newsgroups, please follow the steps below:
1- Go to
2- Log on to your primary account
3- Go to the Member Services section from the Comcast High-Speed Internet home page
4- Click on the Manage My Account section, and click on the Access Newsgroups link (you will only be able to access the newsgroup sign up screen from Comcast’s network)
5- From the newsgroup sign up screen, enter your full name
6- Enter your primary user name/login (your primary e-mail address without “”).
7- Review the “Terms and Policies” and click Yes to accept
8- Click the Enable Account button, and then click the Finish button on the “Congratulations Welcome” screen
9- Within 24 hours, your primary e-mail account should receive an e-mail containing your newsgroup ID and password.

I shout “conspiracy” in their general direction! This is rediculous. I’m already looking into alternatives for service providers. Oh, and did I mention that they RAISED the price of their “service” by $5. Yup. A shitty, bandwidth restricted connection, monitored newsgroups, unsecure email, it can all be yours for the low low price of $49.99 a month. Is there no end to the crap that consumers are forced to deal with. We get pushed around so much that we think it’s ok. Well, it’s not. I’m sure there’s other that feel the same way. I for one, will not longer be a comcast customer as soon as I can find an alternative. I don’t care if it costs more, I just don’t want to have anything to do with these people ever again.