Fuck. Fuck the traffic. Fuck SCAD parking. Fuck them all. I even got up early today. I was downtown by 8:10 and drove through SCAD parking lots until 9:05 looking for a fucking parking space. I eventually gave up and parked in the city parking garage and it’ll cost me $6 when I leave. What the fuck? Why do I pay $25 for a parking sticker if I won’t have a parking space. Both this city and this school have serious parking issues. They even “redesigned” the Pulaski parking lot for be less useful. Serious. That parking lot was badly designed to begin with. So much so that there were two “sides” with spaces to people to park in but students kept parking down the middle. So, they “redesigned” it and instead of moving spaces so that you couldn’t block people in, the ADDED a lane down the middle. Now people can block people in on purpose. Arg. I suppose I should be paying attention in class now… Later.