life. done fucking me in

life. done fucking me in the ass? not by a long shot. guess what kids? matts getting pissed. you see, the other day when I told the insurance company to call back with a different number, I didn’t expect that number to be LOWER! It seems they sent another claims person out to the car to take another look at it. This time they said that they would take money off the total for the mileage, for it being a standard transmission and for not having a radio. This brings up an interesting question. Where the fuck is my radio? It seems that someone, after the claims adjuster visited the first time, had decided to take the radio out of the car for themselves. This is a no-no. If any of you have met my father, you can imagine the look on the towing companies face when he’ll be showing up at their shop in about 20 minutes. This won’t be pretty. Unfortunately, I miss the fireworks since I have to go to work. Basically theres going to be a lot of yelling and screaming and a few police reports. I’m not being double-fucked. First someone wrecks the car that I had completely paid off, then I don’t get full value for it, then I get my radio stolen. Whats next? Will the dead start rising from graves tonight and eat my friends? Jeebus Christ! This comes on the heels of a long talk I had with myself over the current state of humanity and how I needed to remain positive and high-spirited through all this. I’m trying to be accepting of everyone and stay positive but this makes it pretty fucking hard. It’s always been my creed that just because you “grow up” doesn’t mean you have to turn into an asshole. Seriously, the majority of kids can play together just fine, are more forgiving and not as easily antagonized as most adults. Sure there are some jerk kids but thats life, and as a kids you know and accept that. What happened? Just because people get older they turn into complete jerks? Sorry, not me. If this whole pain in the ass has taught me anything, it’s how to let some things go and not turn my anger outward and onto other people who don’t deserve it. Arg. It doesn’t mean that I’m not super pissed though. It just means I won’t take it out on anyone else. Ok, I’ve gotta head off to work. Later.

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More and more randomness today.

More and more randomness today. If you didn’t know yet, the good people at Valve have updated Half-Life once again, this time with something special. The release features a project that they’ve been working on in their spare time called DeathMatch Classic. Basically it’s a remake of the more famous Quake maps from back in the day. Grab the update and frag the night away, Quake style. Also, there was an update to the Coca-Cola lawsuit. Check that out at Guerrilla News. Back in gaming land, Max Payne release day is tomorrow. From what I’ve heard, the game play is short but very sweet. Well, thats about it… I’m gonna go eat a Hot Pocket. Later.

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I just needed to post

I just needed to post this. It’s an article about how people that play computer games are more alert, have better hand-eye-coordination, are more socialable and a whole host of other things. This is exactly what we had been telling our parents (and ourselves) for years. Now we have proof. And leave it to those crazy British (I love’em) to give it to us. Thanks guys. Cheers!

Well, today has been rather

Well, today has been rather borring. I did however get a call from the insurance people. They offered me $2000 for the Mazda. I laughed. I told the girl that the book value was $3100 and she seemed surprised that I had bothered to look it up. Silly them. I don’t want to be one of those people who takes insurance companies to the cleaners, but I do want a new car. I had paid for the Mazda completely and even put a new stereo in it, I expect at least the value of it back. I told them to call back when the number was over 3K. In other news, I took some film to get developed and got pictures back from the Area One Festival, you can check those out below. I also got some back from the Ani show in NYC, but those didn’t turn out very well. Of course, the remaining rolls I have from that trip are B&W and I’ll process those myself to make sure they’ll look good. Thats about it. My dad had wanted for me to go to the gym with him tomorrow, but I’ve got other plans, namely the pictures that I was too lazy to take today. It seems that conveinently as soon as I have a free moment, my parents find some stupid errand they need done. Today it was “pick up the accident report from the police” and “run to the store for random crap.” Sorry, but I’ve put this off long enough, tomorrow is photo day. Ok, as promised, here are those pictures from Area One. Click on the links to get the pictures. Note: these have been scanned at a low res and have been color and contrast corrected. The originals are much better quality. Later.

Chris as we arrive at the festival grounds.
Derrick May, kicking the party off.
Carl Cox taking over the decks.
The Orb, grooving to some serious bass.
The crowd right before Oakenfold shows up.
Paul Oakenfold.
Oakenfold again, right before I left.

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Well, something funky is going

Well, something funky is going on with blogger… It seems that blogger doesn’t believe that “hindenburg” actually exists. I’ve gotten the error “Unknown host:” about 30 times now, which is very odd considering I just FTP’ed to it a few minutes ago. Maybe it’s something funky with DNS stuff again. Anyway, I’ll just use the IP address until it clears up.