Blog Bat Around: All Autograph Team
Bro, do you even autograph?
Matt “Doc” Perry, Creative Idiot, Texas
April 23rd, 2018
All autograph team?
That was the challenge, thrown out there by Torren’ Up Cards, and batted around by the other card bloggers. Pick out the best cards in your collection, and try and put together a team by position.

Normally, I only dabble in autographs, and usually only if their names end with “Holt”, but I thought I might have enough autos from other solid position players to give it a try. I learned two things really quickly. First, I have considerably too many pitching prospects autos. Second, I don’t have anyone at second. I don’t actually have a Pedroia auto (way out of my price range), and the only other Red Sox second baseman worth considering, Bobby Doerr, has past away and I don’t have one of his autos either. That leaves other teams and I had to go searching through the trade bait. Sadly, I don’t have an over-abundance of random second basemen auto’s either. That leaves Brock Holt, as a utility man… aaannndddd the circle is complete. lol.

Also, I’ve seen only a handful of pitchers posted, and that’s just not fair. You’ve got to have an entire rotation, at least in my opinion, as well as a bullpen. Also, DH. Deal with it.

Here we go!

Starting Pitchers
Rick Porcello
Tim Wakefield
Luis Tiant
Clay Buchholz
Jon Lester
Steven Wright
C – Jason Varitek
1B – Mike Napoli
2B – Brock Holt
3B – Kevin Youkilis
SS – Nomar Garciaparra
DH – David Ortiz
Andrew Benintendi
Fred Lynn
Shane Victorino
LRP – Brian Johnson
Setup RP – Andrew Miller
Closer – Koji Uehara
Random Bench Players (just to show off more cards)