I am alive. Well, technically I’m alive. Being out and about in the land of the living again, well, that I can’t quite claim. Last week I came down with some unknown viral infection which caused fever and chills. Surprisingly it wasn’t the flu (had multiple tests runs) and was pretty much unidentified. It was just a pain in the ass. High temps, chills, tired, but not much else. After a couple days of that thrilling combination, I started to get some chest congestion. It built and built and by last Thursday my lungs were fairly full of fluid (the definition of Pneumonia). My fever hit 104 and I was having trouble breathing. My wife decided to take my sorry butt to an Emergency clinic, where they were able to run a couple tests, give me some breathing treatments, do a set of chest X-Rays and figure out just what was going on. Whatever virus had caused it was long gone but the fluid remained. I was also severely dehydrated and needed some IV fluids. A couple hours later I was sent home with an entire pile of prescriptions. Two steroids, two antibiotics, a breathing treatment, an inhaler for the hours in between breathing treatments, all sorts of crap. So, I was pretty well medicated all weekend, slept a lot, at all sorts of weird hours. The steroids make you jumpy and a bit of an insomniac, so that’s been less than fun, but it’s better than having fevers and chills. They also make you a little bit unfocused, so I’m sure this entire mess I’m writing makes hardly any sense. My apologizes. Just wanted people to know I was in fact alive.