I was checking on the status of three un-shipped (and still pending!) auto redemptions from 2012 Bowman Platinum and decided, on a whim, to click over to the main Topps website. They had a banner up for “The Chase” thing they’re doing for the main Flagship set and I logged in. I had put in 3 or 4 codes before the season started and I was wondering how it even worked.

I had all sorts of trouble actually adding people to a roster to try and get a streak, but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about this little nugget in the “How to Play” section…

SELECT YOUR HITTER CAREFULLY– IF YOUR PLAYER DOES NOT GET A HIT, THEN YOU LOSE THAT PLAYER FROM YOUR ROSTER. You will only be able to pick that player again if you have another “copy” of that specific player or if you unlock that player again with another code card.

WTF? So, wait… Wait just a damn minute. A code, that you bought, to unlock a player, for a game, will be LOST if that player doesn’t get a hit in real life? Are you fucking mental Topps? What kind of bullshit is that?

You know that “Beat the Streak” is a thing, right? It’s a fantasy game that people play. The MLB even has an official one, FOR FREE, for a chance to will millions of dollars, and not some bullshit coin card set from you.

You’re taking away peoples unlocked players? Wow. I think we’ve found the bottom Topps. You can’t really get much lower than that.

Please tell me no one is actually participating in this bullshit!