Last weekend I had a chance to do something I’ve always wanted to do, albeit on a small scale. I’ve always had a passion for the more extreme sports, although I’ve never attempted to actually participate in them. Skateboarding and BMX are probably my two favorite. Ever since I started photography I’ve always wanted to have a session with a pro/semi-pro in an actual skate park. Last weekend I had the chance to shoot a BMX team during a stunt show. A friend from work knew the team, and I got full access. The scale was incredibly small, 3 riders, 1 ramp, but it was a good warm up for a job I have coming up in a couple weeks. A few weeks from now there’s a full scale event here in town and my friend has insider access to that as well. I figured shooting the smaller stunt show this weekend would give me a good chance to get my timing down and try out a new fisheye 10-22mm.

Here are the results.





I’m really looking forward to the next event. Talking with these guys, and discussing angles before hand was a huge help. I can’t wait to shoot a full vert ramp.