There was a lot of talk last week about being burnt out on blogging. Personally, the hobby, sport, activity, whatever you’d like to call it, has been a constant companion since 2000. That’s not to say that there haven’t been breaks here and there. If you wonder through my archives there are most likely months where I haven’t posted. There are also times I’ve posted daily. The ebb and the flow of blogging is something I’ve ridden like a wave. The one thing I’ve never tried to do is to self-impose a blogging amount, large or small. Forcing myself to post every day, once a week, once a month, etc, only takes the fun out of it. If it’s a chore, something I’ve told myself I have to do, then it’s not enjoyable. I can’t claim to have the longest running blog, the most posts, the most frequent posts, or even the most consistent posts. What I can claim is that I’ve gone through both dry spells, and post floods and that I’ve come away with a greater appreciation for writing each and every time. It’s something I enjoy and it’s something I’m going to keep doing for as long as I continue to enjoy it.

Some times life takes precedent over hobbies, and that’s ok. No on should feel bad about that.

Also, speaking now just for myself, this has been a rather slow month blog wise because it’s been a rather busy month life wise. I’ve had big projects at work, I’ve had lots of family activities on the weekends, and I have a lot of blogging to catch up on, and that’s ok too.