So, Wes (aka: JayBarkerFan) was looking to sell off some old duplicates and base cards he had since he was planning a move in the near future. For a couple bucks and some postage I figured I couldn’t go wrong. I hadn’t traded with Wes before, but I heard nothing but good things and so we exchanged a couple emails. A week later, boom! Mega box on my doorstep.

That’s just what I pulled off the top and/or what was the shiniest. The box he sent was literally stuffed with over 200 cards. Wes, any time you need to dump some more Sox cards, you know who to call. I’ll definitely take them off your hands.

Along with my trade with Thoughts and Sox, my other pile of 100+ cards lot from ebay last month, and the loot from a couple group breaks, I’m flooded with new stuff. I’m ordering a couple new boxes of binder pages just to have some place to put it all. I’m going to have to seriously re-evaluate how to store and display all these, but that seems to be the perpetual problem with our hobby doesn’t it?

That leads me to a legitimate question. Given that the trifectas and autographs I have will probably go up in a display case some time soon, all snug in little magnetic hard cases, what should I do with the “regular” hits. Should I start a binder of jerseys and premium cards? How do you guys distinguish between what’s part of a set (that you want to keep together) and what’s just “cool”? How do you, or do you at all, display something like a $2 jersey card? Just looking for suggestions.