Decided to change it up a little bit this week. Picked a new theme for the ol’blog. This one is a little (actually a lot) more minimalistic and feels a little less “corporate” than the old theme. Haven’t completely decided on the link/accent color, but it’ll work for now. I think it stands out a little more than the gray-on-dark-gray from before. I was going to get rid of the front home page all together and really go old school, but figured I’d leave it up just for link consistency sake.

I’m swamped with 10,000 projects, so, well, there’s your update on life. Haven’t played a game, bought a baseball card, or watched a movie in over a month. I’m truly in the dog days of summer around here.

Also, don’t be completely surprised if the theme changes again in the near future. The thing about me and minimal themes is that there’s always new ones I want to try out, so, yeah, that will probably happen.

Matt out.