So much going on, so much to do and so precious little time to do it all in. You guys don’t mind if I do this one all shotgun approach do you? Good.

So, the kiddo is apparently cutting teeth, which is tough for everyone. It makes her completely miserable and short of giving her some baby Tylenol, there’s really nothing that will help her. She’s also congested and tired and cranky, which makes Mom and Dad tired and cranky.

Also, my father-in-law is back in the hospital. More stomach problems. I took him to the ER at 3am on Tuesday, that was fun. He was in pretty bad shape, so he needed to go, and I didn’t mind taking him at all, it was just a long night. We’re still dealing with the fallout from that. Someone needs to watch my mother-in-law 24/7 these days, so we’re trying to find sitters and nurses during the day. Last night we didn’t have anyone, so we had to spend the night. Charlotte had to sleep in a bouncy seat and I got the couch. Hopefully we can find someone for tonight because I’m not sure my back can take much more.

On the job front, I’m banging my head against a wall over WordPress updating jQuery and hosing just about everyone on the planet. Every theme for every site I’ve done in the past two years needs to be updated and a lot of them are either discontinued, stagnant or just flat out broken, including our corporate website and our intranet. So, yeah, that’s keeping me busy.

Google Plus is turning out to be handy. The mobile app on my phone is simple and easy to use and the website is pretty strait forward. I like the service, I’m just wanting it to be a little more robust at the moment. Twitter is dead to me. The 140 character limit made it almost a game to fit your thought into such a small space. Since I’m long winded, it was a game I often lost. So, there’s no love-loss there, I’m just done with Twitter. I tired it, it has it’s uses, but now it’s dead. Compared to Facebook (which I deleted my profile off of as soon as they opened it to the public and not just people with .edu email addresses), G+ seems to really be making an effort to keep things simple and clean, which I can appreciate. I love that there are no ads, no games, no apps, no pointless shit like “gifting” or any of that junk. I also really like the circle concept as a filter for my content. The one thing I wish it did have , and I’m sure it’ll happen soon, is an API that someone could write a hook for. I’d love to be able to either post in WP, or G+ and have it sync in either direction.

I’ve been picking up more and more baseball cards as well. Sam’s helped me get into it and was nice enough to give me a big box of supplies, which was very awesome of him. My original goal was to tryout a bunch of stuff and see what I liked, then go after that. Turns out that I like a couple different sets, so my focus changed a little. The plan now is to collect Red Sox players and try to get the whole team for each different set, per year. So, for example, this years Allen & Ginter set has 15 Red Sox cards (and a couple inserts) out of a set of 350 cards. Collecting the entire 350 just isn’t going to happen, budget or time wise, but 15 cards I can probably handle. The all-powerful eBay is also helping out with that. I can buy the 15 cards for $4.99 at the moment. So, the focus is team sets. I’ll pick up packs/blasters for fun whenever I have the extra cash, but just for fun and to search for “cool stuff” like relics or autographs. I think I’ll also put up a list of cards I’m searching for in the sidebar, just for fun.

We’ve also been doing a bit of cleaning, especially in our guest room. My brother is coming to stay with us for a while. He got accepted into law school down here, so he needs a place to stay for a semester or two. Until he has enough cash and an apartment, he’ll be crashing with us. It’ll be good to have an extra hand around the house and he’s offered to chip in some cash here and there with the job he’s yet to find, so, we’ll see how that goes. On the upside, I’ll have someone to finish the co-op campaign in Portal 2 with, lol.

Lastly, I’ve been thinking about getting myself a Playstation 3. Our home DVD is A) crappy, B) Dying and C) an HD-DVD player, which means that it’s HD playback potential is non-existent because HD-DVD is dead. As much as it pains me, BluRay seems to have clearly won that round. With nothing to potentially replace it on the horizon, it looks like it’ll be here to stay for a couple years. Combine that with the fact that a “good” BR player will run you $200-ish, and a PS3 is $300-ish and also conveniently plays video games, it’s worth it to me to pay the extra 100 and get something that would have larger value. The list of PS3 games I’m interested in is exceptionally short. With the majority of games being mulit-platform these days, and my brand loyalty to PCs and the Xbox, I’m really only looking at PS3 exclusives. Uncharted, Little Big Planet and Infamous are at the top of that list. I don’t really go for the import RPGs or the platformers anymore. If I just picked up those I think I’d be quite happy.

That about everything. Just working and scraping by, pretty much the normal, just with a little drama on top lately. Nothing we can’t handle. 😉

Matt out.