It was a crazy January around the ol’ homestead. We’re full on into crazy baby-mode. I put in some long hours getting the nursery ready but I think it’s paid off in one awesome room. Seeing as how it was a “study” that hadn’t been updated or cleaned since 1975, I had some serious work to do. The filing cabinets (of which there are 14) had been there so long they had rusted to the floor. No joke.

I first emptied out the room, much to the trash pickup guy’s alarm, filling trash bucket after bucket. That was followed by ceiling patching and painting, wall painting, ripping up the old carpet, moving (and patching) wall outlets, running new Cat5 and coax, new ceiling fan installing and finally new carpet. Phew!

After that was all the furniture being delivered, drapes hung, fabric ordering, etc. The end result is a finished and complete nursery… and some minor back pain, lol.

The last thing I have to do is rehang the closet doors (took them off to paint) and put up some cute vinyl wall stickers. We toyed with the idea of doing a mural, but if we have a 2nd, we wanted the room to be reusable, so removable wall stickers seemed like the best solution.

Other than that, we’ve been busy around the house, cleaning here and there, getting ready for baby. We’ve had our first shower and now I have about 30 baby-related gadgets to assemble: strollers, car seats, play thingys, etc. That reminds me, I probably need to stock up on batteries, lol.

If you find the talk of baby related activities slightly boring, my apologies, there’s not really all that much more that I did this month. I could mention Call of Duty if that makes you feel better, lol. Or tell you that I saw Black Swan and it was pretty good. That’s about it. It’s all baby, 24/7. I’m tired already!

Can’t wait though, I’m getting really excited. It’s going to be an awesome February!

Matt out