It seems like only yesterday, but seven years ago today I was married. Most of you were there. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long. It really doesn’t even feel like it. I feel about 20, and like I just graduated from college, but that I’m some how mysteriously 40lbs heavier, lol.

I just need to say Happy Anniversary to my completely awesome and amazing wife. She’s put up with all my crap, been there beside me through everything we’ve gone through, loved me, taken care of me and been the best companion I could have possibly wished for. She’s my rock, and without her I just don’t know how I’d ever make it. I love you so much!

Of course, the best present I could ever ask for isn’t here yet, but we each got each other a little something. After 7 years, and with a baby on the way, diamond rings and a XBox weren’t really in the cards. Lauren got me the wallet I’ve always wanted from Saddleback Leather. They make what they call “inheritance leather” items. Things that your kids will fight over when you’re dead. She got me their awesome leather wallet. It’s stiff, it’s thick, it’s not broken in even the tiniest bit, and I love it. It’s a wallet for me to break in over the next 50+ years, and then pass down to my kids someday. For Lauren, I got a collect of various baby items including hard to find kids books that we had when we were little and have been lost to time. Finding rare, out-of-print kids books is apparently harder than I thought, but she loved them.

We also went out on Saturday, despite a terrible cold I’ve come down with, for a nice dinner. Every special occasion we have we like to try something new. This time it was III Forks in downtown Houston. Not a bad place. The atmosphere was nice, the waiter was accommodating, and the meal was quite enjoyable. It’s nice to find a quiet place to have dinner these days. Most, if not all places these days seem to think that a “dinner experience” is best when it’s super loud and noisy in the restaurant. Call me old fashion, but when I’m paying $50 for a steak, I don’t want it to sound like I’m at a TGI Friday’s. Thankfully III Forks was nice and quiet and we had a nice time.

Besides that it was a pretty restful weekend. I’m recovering from a really bad cold and sinus infection, so I pretty much laid on the couch all weekend and drank Theraflu. FYI, after going to FIVE pharmacies, it’s now clear that they’ve officially discontinued the “good” NyQuil, the one with the pseudoephedrine in it. They continue to sell the now-shitty version, but they’ve removed the good stuff. You can randomly find some off-brand stuff, but it’s getting harder to come by. So, let me include a warm fuzzy “I hate you” to all the bath-tube meth heads out there who have essentially helped ruin and outlaw the one drug that helped people with head colds. If I ever find any of you, I’m going to beat the shit out of you, just on principle.

Matt out.