As a rule, I don’t listen to the radio. Music radio, AM, FM, HD or XM. However, as a daily routine, I listen to the radio twice. Once, for a half-hour on my drive to work. I listen to Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio. It’s easily my favorite thing on the radio, regardless of time, station or genre. That’s a very short list by the way. On the way home, I usually listen to CDs or my MP3 player. Occasionally, just because I like to hear what the enemy is up to, I’ll listen to talk radio. Talk radio in Texas is only one thing: conservative. In order, the talk radio station plays Beck, Rush, Hannity, and a local guy, Micheal Berry. Berry isn’t so bad. He’s more of a rationalist that happens to be conservative rather than a conservative mouth piece.

The topic of conversation yesterday blew my mind. They were all talking about Harold Koh, former Dean of Yale Law and new Obama appointee. All the major conservative crazies and their associated networks were going out of their way to suggest that this guy Koh was 100% in favor of and planning the implementation of Sharia law in the US court system.

They made accusations that this guy has supported this for a long time, that he wanted to do it in our courts, that this was a huge problem, that the world was ending and that the sky was falling.

It sounded a little bit sensationalist to me, but the idea of radical Islamic infiltration is a hot-button topic for me, so I decided to investigate. As far as I can tell, there’s either a serious hardcore smear campaign going on, or someone just hasn’t gotten the full story.

Harold Koh was born in Boston in 1954. He’s been a lawyer, State Department employee and, as I stated before, Dean of Yale Law. This guy is a law scholar.

The basis for the allegations that supports Sharia law comes from an unverified email, sent to the White House, claiming someone heard him make a statement at a Yale frat dinner years ago. That was according to Fox News. CNN is acting slightly more level headed about, saying that they still don’t like him but that the reasons may not be factual. At least they’re being honest.

The left is going to bat for the guy pretty hard saying that this is all a big game of telephone and no one actually has any record of this guy saying anything and that it’s all “I heard it from a guy who heard it from a guy”.


Let’s get something strait. When people are claiming that you made such obviously incendiary comments as “Sharia Law is good”, there has to be some sort of basis. If it was a total smear campaign, they could have come up with anything. Dirty picture of him with his dog, underhanded business dealings, money stashed in Swiss bank accounts, anything. You don’t just make up a reference to radical Islamic law out of thin air. That said, no one is actually coming forward to say this guy said this one way or the other. It’s all from “undisclosed sources”, random emails and overheard conversations. The far right is acting like this is a total truth and this guy needs to be burnt at the steak and the left is acting like this didn’t happen and are trying to make it go away.

It’s not helping that Harold, in his own defense, hasn’t said a word. It’s not like it would help if he did. If he admits it, he’s done for. If he denies it, the right will crucify him as a liar anyway. There’s no winning for Harold, which is sad, he seem like a smart guy. Anyone that’s the Dean of Yale Law can’t be a complete retard.

I don’t know one way or another what this guy said, if anything, and neither does anyone else. That’s not the point. As an appointee, he’s already toast. He might be a “legal advisor” or something, but any push to get him into the Supreme Court is done. The Senate would block that instantly. And no one is going to push a Sharia law agenda as an advisor, so everyone can just calm the hell down.

What is a much more interesting conversation however, is the subject of Sharia law in the US in general. It’s well known that both Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, two of our greatest thinkers, were against both the concept and practice of Sharia law. Jefferson referred to radical Islam as one of the most evil forces in the world. I can’t help but agree.

The goal of most religions, my own (Christianity) included, is to bring people to God. Christians believe that people should turn to God of their own choosing and at their own time, but that ideally the world would be a better place if everyone did so. The goal of the Great Commission is to go out to all people and bring them to faith. Islam is similar in it’s idea that everyone should be brought to faith, but radical Islam takes it a step further. It declares that if you don’t join them, on their terms and worship their god, that you’re the enemy. An infidel. Infidel’s have no place on earth and are therefore declared war upon. They will KILL you if you don’t join their religion.

The Continental Congress then met in 1784 to talk about treaties with leaders of the region, and John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were appointed to oversee the work. Two years later, when Jefferson was ambassador to France, and Adams was ambassador to Britain, they met in London with Sidi Haji Abdul Rahman Adja, the ambassador to Britain from the “Dey of Algiers.”

Seeking a peace treaty the two Americans asked Dey’s ambassador why Muslims had so much hostility towards America. They later reported to Congress the ambassador told them Islam “was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Quran, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Muslim who should be slain in Battle was sure to go to Paradise.

That of course, was in reference to piracy around the Barbery Coast in the late 1700’s, but the point is still the same. These are not people that take the ideas of others and embrace them. They’re right, you’re wrong and if you want to fight about it, they’re more than happy to oblige.

Our times and culture have changed since then. Everyone (besides radical Islam) tries to be more tolerant and open to other societies. As we move toward a global culture, they would very much like to remain in the dark ages. It suits them just fine. Of course, they’ve also figured out that we can be pressured into playing by our own rules. America is a land that embraces all cultures, so why not theirs too. They want to be allowed to do as they please, but the courtesy isn’t reciprocated.

By introducing aspects of Islamic law into a US court system under the guise of being more tolerant of other cultures, you give them a food in the door to start waging a war of ideals in our own backyard. Once it’s OK to have Sharia law, it’s OK for them NOT to be tried by you and a democratic court. They get a “jury of their peers” remember. Once “we” can’t impose our own laws, what makes you think they’ll hesitate to do whatever they want and claim it’s legality under their own laws? Now you have a segment of the population that believes it’s above your laws. They’re not going to listen to you, they answer to a higher power. That will start yet another great Holy war.

Radical Islam IS the most evil force on the planet, and we must, under any and all circumstances, prevent it from coming here. It’s goal is to turn the entire globe into Muslim believers, and kill you if you don’t agree. One less person to convert if you’re DEAD. It’s goal is not world harmony under one religion, it’s total world domination and nothing short of that will do.

I know that sounds a bit hysterical and like a “tin foil hat” theory, but it’s actually a very serious matter. Sharia law shouldn’t be anywhere near, associated with or implemented in a US court system. Whether Harold Kho has any opinion on the matter is a totally seperate issue up for debate, but I don’t think ANYONE wants what the idea represents.

Conservative or Liberal, no one wants Sharia law in this country. That’s the bigger issue. Poor Harold is caught in the middle.