I was going to write thing long post about how I can’t vote because I moved after the registration deadline and how that wasn’t fair and all this crap, but that would mostly be a lie.

I would have voted, but it wouldn’t have meant anything. I probably would have voted for Obama, or written in Ron Paul, or maybe even Jon Stewart.

Despite my previous dissertations to the contrary, I’m not adverse to the political process. It’s just that I don’t like either candidate, or the electoral college system, or democrats, or republicans, or those freakin’ third party nut jobs. Actually, come to think of it, in the three elections I’ve been eligible to vote in, I’ve picked the “lesser of two evils” and never really liked ANY candidate.

That’s wrong of me to simply vote for someone because I like the other guy less.

I realize that you can’t always agree with someone all of the time, nor should you. That stifles healthy dialog and leads to complete polarization. But for me to vote for someone, with a clear conscience, I feel I at least need 50%. And the problem with politicians is that they’re 100% full of crap.

In this election cycle, there’s been a lot of talk about people like Joe. Average Joe (and I’m not going to use that phrase) who gets tossed around like a piece of meat by both parties. Each candidate tries so very hard to show that the other guy will screw working class Americans and that their plan/party/ideas won’t. The main problem is that each candidate hasn’t been a “working class American” for years, if ever. They’re completely out of touch and simply don’t give a damn.

You have to be a life long politician before you can get the backing of your party, and you need the backing of your party to run for president. It’s as simple as that.

You can’t change the system from outside the system and once you’re in the system you have to play ball for long enough to get your shot that by the time you get there you’ve forgotten why you started in the first place.

They only person I want to vote for is a person who goes out on Saturday nights, goes to a sports bar to have a beer and watch the game, watches football on Sunday AND Monday, grills for their neighborhood block parties, owns a margarita machine, drives a pickup, owns a gun, and has a crappy job just like the rest of us.

You know who I would vote for? These guys.

I doubt I’ll ever run for office, I joke about that from time to time, but in all seriousness we need a completely average, normal person to be president. We don’t need politicians, we don’t need pundits, we don’t need people on either “wing”. We need someone who can look at a situation or an issue and not have any affiliation, motivations, or bias one way or the other. We need someone who’s not afraid to invite foreign leaders over and either shake their hand or punch them in the nuts.

The fire fighter commercial illustrates that point. Do we want clean water? Yeah. Do we want better roads? Yeah. Then why do we keep electing people who are so deep in the political system they can’t get the basics right.

I admit, there are millions of issues that the president has to face. War, peace, financial trouble, education, environment, transportation, energy, foreign policies, trade, etc. That’s a lot on one plate. But no one since Kennedy has put the country on the path to a particular goal. Everyone says they want to change this, improve that. Then they put together huge bills that do nothing or regulate things to the most minute detail with little change.

I want someone to stand up to stand up and say THIS, this is what we’re doing for the next four years. THIS is my focus. Fill in the blank with a major issue. In the next four years I want flying cars. In the next four years I want all American’s out of debt. In the next four years I want to totally eliminate fossil fuel emissions.

Not since the space race have we as a country been motivated to better ourselves. That is what I want to vote for. A better America. I’ll vote for “change”, but I want to vote for “purpose”.