After sending a fairly well versed but substantially vemon filled email to the apartment complex’s corporate offices yesterday, to absolutely no surprise I received a phone call from the apartment manager. The one that couldn’t help me yesterday.

Corporate had forwarded on my scathing email to/about her and she had, ummm, made a few corrections to the bill. Most notably, removing the charges I had called them out on.

There was still a minor issue with the water bill, but a logic bomb cured that right up.

What she said to me was this:

When we paid for water, what we were essentially paying for was the last month and a half (1.5) not just the previous month. In her words:

“So, when you paid August rent, you were really paying for July and the last half of June’s water.”

Stay with me now.

So, I said, “Ok, so when we paid Septembers rent, we were really paying for August and the last half of July right?”

“Yes, correct”

“Then, how come it still says “water thru 8/11″, wouldn’t that be the part of August I already paid for?”


“Umm, I’ll have to check with the water company on that and get you those dates”

So, thanks to some “interesting” reverse accounting on their part, we’re now even. Huge surprise.

Just goes to show you kids, it’s always fun to stick it to the man.