Does anyone have any experience with Google Maps API? I’m beating my head against a wall on somthing and I can’t quite figure it out.

Here is my current code/page: Link

It works, but a couple things aren’t the way I need them. For starters, when it loads, it loads the entire thing, generating directions and all. I’d like it to start with the locations filled in, but with it getting the directions only after someone clicks “go”. Second, the map is getting it’s location based on the directions. It should really start focused at a specific point and then change when the directions are asked for. I can make everything blank, but then the map starts out blank as well. Here was my first attempt: LINK.

Any thoughts from you programmers out there?

UPDATE: Nevermind, I figured it out. I had to toss out the “set.Directions” variable and replace it with “set.Center” and a set of longitude and latitude coordinates. Then, it adds “set.Directions” later on when someone puts in the to/from information and refreshes the map. Ya!