First an update of sorts. We are moving into the house. I’m very excited about it. I think it’ll really be awesome for us. There’s a long road of repairs and cleaning to do before we move in (at the end of Sept) but I think we can get it all done in time.

So, to that end, this weekend was mostly moving and cleaning. We moved the grandparents to a nice “cottage” style place a couple weekends back and now all of their furniture from their apartment had to come back to the house. So, we moved all morning on Saturday and filled the one room that we’re not redoing top to bottom with furniture. Then Sunday we spent most of the day cleaning the kitchen and utility room which was a huge undertaking. So, now we have 1 room out of 9 clean and habitable again. The house had sat vacant for nearly 6 months, one of those months with the power turned off, so you can only imagine what the un-emptied freezer and refrigerator looked like. Needless to say we’ll be replacing those two appliances pretty quickly.

Next we’ll be pulling up the carpet throughout the house (hence the piling of furniture in a single room) and putting down new carpet and new tile. Then we’ll start the cleaning/packing process for the next month or so. Everything has a history and is important to the family, so everything needs the utmost care and attention, but we also need to make room for all our things as well as our furniture. So, family members will take what they want and we’ll probably end up storing the rest in the attic or putting it out for a yard sale at some point. Then everything that’s left will get a good coat of paint, a scrub down or both. Then we move in! Huzzah!

There’s already an office/study that Lauren and I can share for our computers and work area, and two guest bedrooms on top of that, so I can have the ever popular “man space” complete with comfy leather chair, TV, xbox and mini-fridge. I’m looking forward to that. I’m also, rather surprisingly (to myself) looking forward to having a garage. I’ve never had one before. None of the houses my parents owned had one, I haven’t rented one at any of the apartments down here, and now all of a sudden I get this huge garage which is nearly a 3-car size, for both cars plus a whole “work bench” area full of tools and whatnot. The manly “I need to fix things” instinct has taken over.

So, that’s whats going on with us. We’re in full on, 100% cleaning house mode. We’ve got a long road ahead but I think the pay off will be huge. I’ll post some pictures when I have a second to take them.

Matt out.