So, we’re developing a new web site at work, and I needed some dummy text as a place holder for a section called “Who’s Having fun?” Rather than use regular old Lorum Ipsum, I decided to actually write a paragraph or two, just for my own enjoyment, lol.

We’re all having fun. Pie is fun. I like to eat pie. Apple pie, Blueberry pie, Strawberry Rubarb pie, Key Lime pie. Oh, Key Lime is good pie. Have I ever told you about the time I made a Key Lime pie and it caught the cat on fire. Well, not directly, but the oven sure did. That’s ridiculous, pie setting cats on fire, who would think such a thing. Crazy people, that’s who. And we’re certainly not crazy. Nope nope. We don’t even talk to ourselves, that’s how not crazy we are. Nope, we just enjoy pie. I think that’s a universal law. Liking pie. I mean, who doesn’t like pie? Cats on fire I suppose, and maybe Communists. I bet the Commies don’t like pie. That’s what’s wrong with that system of government, no pie. How can you have a constructive society without social problems when you have no pie. I tell ya what.

Now just don’t get me started on cake. The cake is a lie. I found that out the hard way. Got all the way to the end and did I get cake? Hell no. They teased me with the promise of cake the entire way and then, just at the last second, no cake. What kind of a deal is that? I tell you, they wouldn’t have done that over at Black Mesa. Those guys are nice over there. Especially that Dr. Freeman. Quiet guy, doesn’t talk much. But man, you get him to a bar and that cat can’t shut up. I bet he gets cake. Any time he wants too.