I think it goes without saying that no one, under any circumstance, should be at work at 6am. Unless of course you have a job that involves being some where at 6am on a regular basis. Early AM tollbooth attendant or donut maker for example. In which case you’re more than allowed to take off around noon. Those of us working a regular 9-5 however, should not be at work at 6:00. Yet hear I sit.

We’re doing a big multi-day shoot this week and we get started around 7:00, so “someone” needs to be here before that to open the place up. I love it when bosses say “someone”, as if there are 200 people in the room and they could ask anyone at random. No, it’s you and them and “they” certainly aren’t that someone. It’s a universality. Much like Murphy’s Laws. You, the non-boss, will be the one to come in early.

It’s almost enough to make you want to be the boss, simply to make someone else come in at some unnecessary hour for some unnecessary reason. Never mind the fact that you live, literally, 10 blocks and under 5 minutes away and that your employee has a 45 minute commute in early rush-hour traffic. No, the sensible thing to do is ask that person to get up extra early and come in while you enjoy sleeping late and having that extra cup of coffee.

I’m not complaining of course, merely speculating.

Or it could be that I only have one more week until I start my new job. Not that I’m counting the days or anything.


I’m going to go make more coffee.