I know it’s not necessarily news worthy, but it’s not something I do every day so I felt the need to mention it. I actually bought new shoes on Sunday. This is astonishing because A) I don’t spend money on myself for anything other than video games and B) I hadn’t gotten a new pair of shoes in 4 years. The last time I was at the New Balance factory in Boston was the last time I got any. So, with parts falling off, leather falling apart, holes in the sides, I decided to retire my shoes in the shoe grave yard known as the “back of the closet”. I went over to Kohls since they were having one of their “we’re having a special sale, but really it’s the sale we have every weekend to trick your wives into coming in every weekend” sale. I ended up with two pairs of Sketchers. Actually, they’re those kinda in-between shoes/sneakers/loafers shoes.

The first ones are all black and I figure might be dressy enough to wear while I’m working a wedding or at the very least a corporate shoot. The tred on the bottom is a little funky, almost like cleats, but it’s soft rubber so it has some good support.

The second ones are a bit more casual. They’re actually the ones I’m wearing at the moment. Medium brown with maroon stripes down the sides. I figured I could wear them with jeans or slacks or even shorts. They were the most comfortable, so I figure they’ll be my every day wear.

Like I said, it’s not like you guys care what I have on my feet, but for me, picking these dumb things out took over an hour. I hate spending money on myself, but shoes are one of those rare things that no one else can pick out for you. Shirts, sure, whatever. Pants, yeah, that’s fine. Shoes… umm, no, I’m going to need to try those on. It doesn’t help that my feet at super crazy wide (4E) so finding shoes that are comfortable is a friggin chore.

I like’em.