There are computer parts from one end of my study to the other and I can’t decide what to do first. My ultimate goal is to get my number 1 computer up and running with it’s new parts. Secondarily I’m going to build my HTPC with yet another set of spare parts. Last, my current configuration will become my number 2 computer and will go into a case to be picked up later. This whole mess presents a myriad of problems. First, I want to paint my case. New parts just deserve a new case paint job. This will require sanding, priming and painting, a multi-day process. Do I wait and assemble the parts? Do I put them into my second (soon to be HTPC) case temporarily? Do I assemble them on my desk and simply get a switch to turn them on without a case? Regardless of whether I put it together now, I’ll still need to purchase a video card. I’m heavily considering getting a super cheap (although DX10) card to put in there temporarily and save for the big video card I eventually want. Also, there will be a considerable amount of time that I’ll be down completely. I certainly can’t paint my case with the current parts in it. Do I even bother putting those parts into my secondary case? They won’t be staying there, I have a much quieter solution that will become my HTPC. Do I forget all this case swapping crap and just take a trip to Fry’s and buy a cheap case? I think that might be the answer. I haven’t done any backup or computer moving preparations with my current system and I know I’ll have to before I move the hard drives. This would give me a case to paint without messing up my current configuration. It’s sad that I won’t be using my crazy uber case anymore. I have such fond memories of lugging that 200lb piece of crap to and from LAN parties with Chip and up and down stairs in college with Jason. It’s a real shame. Ok, well, talking it out seemed to help me decide what to do. I guess I’m off to Fry’s to pick up a cheap case, maybe a switch or two, and then an auto parts store for some painting supplies. Wish me luck.