Today was a very interesting day. It could be said that the job I have allows me to meet and interact with people I normally wouldn’t. I’ve met CEOs of major companies, athletes (both famous and rookie) and various people in positions of influence. This weekend we took pictures for Little League, the organization. They’re in Houston having their 27th International Congress, something they do every 3 years. On Friday I had the opportunity to meet future hall-of-famer Dale Murphy, the former Atlanta Braves star. Today, speaking at their luncheon, I had the pleasure of meeting former president Bush and his wife Barbra. While that was certainly nice and all, I have met presidential type people before. I’ve met both Al Gore (while he was VP) as well as current president Bush. The highlight for me today was meeting and talking to Karl Ravech. He was the emcee for todays event.

What really got to me was, during his presentation, he was talking about “emotional moments in sports” and, of course, he brought up the 2004 Red Sox. He grew up in New England and has always been a long time Sox fan. He echoed every New Englanders thoughts and said “growing up, it had been pounded into me that the Red Sox just weren’t going to ever win”. He was lucky enough to be at the World Series, and down on the field when they won. He described the emotion and the tears of joy. It was very moving. I was getting a little misty behind the camera.

Thanks Karl. Thanks for making me cry about the World Series…. Again! Cause I sure as hell did the first time.