100% up and running. I did a little DNS switcheroo today, going briefly back to the old settings just long enought to use the export function on my old WP install. Then I switched it back to my current host, waited for it to update, then used the import function built in to bring all 6 years (first post – April 29th, 2001!) of Matt style goodness back to life. I had a little snafu with my server settings here on the new host. It seems that my php settings were set to have a max upload limit of only 2mb. My WP xml import was nearly 6mb. A quick email to tech support got me a little work around and couple lines in my .htaccess file cleared things right up.

I’ve still got a few things left to clean up, mostly related to this template, but we’re almost there. If you pull down the navigation (up top) you can see that I have 2 “about” pages, my categories continue off the bottom of the pull down, and my archives don’t stop at August of last year. I’ll work the kinks out soon enough. I dig this style, so I’m probably just going to customize the ever living crap out of this template, just like I did the last one.

So, everyone update their links, both for the page and for the RSS feeds (there’s no longer a /blog/ in it).

Doc is back on the air!