The Saga

At the moment, this is the best I can manage. My appologies that everything is gone. What little information I’ve gleamed from Jason Nelson’s livejournal is that our server Hindenburg is in a state of flux following Jason’s move to a new job. I certainly don’t blame Jason in the least for making the move. From what I’ve read, his employer was treating him poorly and that’s certainly all the reason I would need to leave. So, the status of Hindenburg remains unknown while Jason settles himself into a new job. Once that server comes back online, I’ll make every attempt to download my mail, website content and archives and restore them to proper working order.

I have however finally taken the plunge into my own web hosting. I’ve set up an account with InMotion Hosting, a company I’ve worked with before, and I’m currently running all three of my domains off one account for less than $4 a month. I’ve got nearly unlimited bandwidth and 500G of space, spread across all three domains. If I even scratch that, it’ll be a miracle. I got that package of features since my company is an existing customer. Normally it would be 500G of bandwidth and 300G of space for a little bit more than double what I’m paying. I also have the ability to host 6 domains, of which I’m only using 3. Lauren’s brother Chris was asking to use one, but if anyone else would like their site hosted, even if it’s temporary, let me know.

So, for the time being, here’s where we stand…

– Mail to all three domains (doc, li and savvy) are all up and running. Feel free to use them to contact me again.

– All three domains have had their DNS updated to the new host and are working properly

– WordPress installs have been setup here and on SavvyNation

I’ll have to wait to see what happens in order to get my content back. When I do, this will probably disappear and be replaced with the site as it was last week.

So, stay tuned, and we’ll be back up and running shortly.

Upgraded Freshness

A quick note to let you guys know that WordPress 2.1 has hit. Get it now-ish over at Also, I’m trying out a new theme that’s faguely interesting, not sure if I’m going to keep it, but it’ll be something to play with for the moment. Although, I think it’s broken the sidebar. Oh well, gonna have to tweak that I suppose.

Called it…

“Probably most disappointing, Macwelt has determined from Apple that users will not be able to use iTunes [mp3s] songs as ringtones.”


No doubt by now you’ve seen and heard of the iPhone. It was announced yesterday and already is engulfed in a full media blitz. This is to be expected. If the iPhone is 1/10th as revolutionary as it appears to be, a signifigant portion of the cell phone industry just got a huge wake up call.

Personally, I don’t like Apple that much. I’m not a big fan of their computer hardware and I feel that iPods are perhaps the single most over rated product of the last 5 years. Their locked down nature far outweighs their usefulness. That said, I’m not a Windows fanboy either. Actually, I could give you a long list of things I find wrong and patently offensive in Vista (but I won’t, you’re welcome). I have no sworn allegience to any camp or group. My sole obsession with technology is for it to work and be used easily as I see fit.

WIth that said, I really like the iPhone, from a consumer and a tech savvy point of view. It really is going to “reinvent the phone”. It’s not without it’s negatives however. My thoughts after the jump…