Well, we’re up here in New Hampshire and its already been a couple crazy days. We got in on Wednesday afternoon after a rather bumpy flight to and from Chicago. We just took it easy that first night and got to bed early. Traveling really wipes you out.

Yesterday we went into Boston for my birthday. My folks got us tickets to the Bruins game against the Canucks. My uncle and aunt both work at the Garden, so they got us really nice seats. They met up with us, and along with my grandmother and other aunt and uncle, we had quite the group. We had just sat down in our section when my uncle disappeared for a few minutes. He came back and had gotten us somehow upgraded. We ended up in one of the luxury boxes at just off center ice. It was incredible. We had a blast yelling and screaming as the B’s beat the Canucks 2-0.

Today we took it easy and decided to do a little scenic sight seeing. We headed up into the mountains and I filled up the 1G card in the camera with some pretty descent nature shots. I’ll post those when I get home.

Tomorrow its supposed to be rainy and sleet/flurry, so we’re just planning on hanging around here. If any of my friends around here are looking for anything to do, feel free to spot by. My cell number is still the same. Or you can drop me an email at my phone address: this domain at tmail dot come. It’ll come right to my phone. Gotta run, gonna pop in a movie. Later.