A quick little update on my two current projects.

First, the computer case mod has been progressing nicely. Several layers/rounds of primer and sanding are leaving a nice surface to work on. I’ve received my case window order from FrozenCPU.com and plan on cutting the hole this week. I can’t start the actual color paint until after I cut the window, wouldn’t want to messed up a nice paint job with chips and scratches from the Drummel.

Second, I’ve been slowly rendering out game footage for my TCC BF2 movie to be presented at our annual LAN next month. I was saving them out as 1024×768 avi files, but after talking to Jason and getting some professional video advice, I’ve switched to 640×480 and I’m converting them to MPEG4 before I edit them. Basically, that takes a 250mb file and makes a 4mb of equal quality, which in return is much easier to edit with.

Speaking of which, I’ve started to get clips into the editor. They’re in sequence, but untrimmed. I’m planning on editing them to music and have yet to find the perfect tunes. Its gonna be a long video, so I’m probably going to need a few. I’m looking for something up-tempo, a little hard, like it belongs in a videogame. There’s a track or two I’m going to use that were used on the Burnout 3 soundtrack, but I need some more. Any suggestions?