Two completely seperate issues. First, Jason, you were right my friend. Coke Blak is fantastic. I just had some this weekend and man, this brings me back to the days of Jolt and Crank Cola. Good stuff. For you guys that may not know, Coke Blak is a new Coca-Cola and coffee hybrid. It’s less carbonated than regular coke with a light coffee syrup taste. It’s very “jazz cola” if I had to pick two words that have nothing to do with each other. I like it. Now I have another option in my stable of caffinated beverages.

Moving right along, I should mention I finally saw V for Vendetta this weekend. I enjoyed it. I thought the Wachowski brothers did a great job with the screenplay, which, and I didn’t know this, they wrote back before the making of the Matrix. It seems to share a great many thematic elements with the Matrix saga, namely oppression from a controlling over culture and anti-hero’s with their own stories and uniqueness. Natalie Portman did a fine job and Hugo Weaving was a perfect choice for the voice of V. Also appreciated were the constant references to classic literature, which I think I was the only one in the theater who knew what they were. I thought it was entertaining from the start and even though the middle of the movie would have bored those there to see simply another action movie, I thought it moved well and defined the characters as best as I could have hoped for in a mere two hours. The “point” was also well received. It had a heavy “security is good but let’s not get carried away” tone. It definatly speaks to modern day conservatism and current situations around the globe.

I wonder if the constant “we don’t like Big Brother” signals we’re sending are falling upon deaf ears. How many counter-culture, anti-establishment, anti-sensorship movies/songs/publications can we as a society produce before the people who want to lock down every freedom we have get the hint? Or will it get to a point where there is in fact a totalitarian government and we as citizen live in fear and eventually rebel? Would we let it get to that point? Or would we, knowing whats down the road, stop ourselves short and avoid the dark view of the future that science fiction authors love to remind us of the possibilty of. I don’t see a “reclamation” and a cleansing of society in our immediate future, but it’s certainly happened in mankinds past. We just have to make sure it doesn’t happen again. And, there is our main theme. History repeating. That we never seem to learn from our mistakes and every once in a while, revolution is inevitable. Especially if it’s choreographed to the 1812 Overture.

Ok, enough pontificating for this evening. Matt Out.