I appologize for not having seperate entries, but given the fact that at the end of day two I went home and passed out, at 3am no less, it wasn’t really in the realm of possibilities to stay up and post in such a delerious state.

It was fucking bad ass.

Day 2 started out with a Shim Sham lesson from the master, Frankie Manning. The Shim Sham is what would be the equivelant of a “line dance” in other dances. It’s a performance piece that entire groups can do. It’s really quite fun. After that we went to the “musicality” class with another legend, Dawn Hampton. She was the most wonderfully inspirations speaker. I learned more about what dancing is all about from a half hour of her speaking than I have in all the years I’ve been dancing. After that it was “Smooth Lindy” which was all about some flashy swivels and slides to make a persons style a little more, well, stylish.

After that we took a break and headed home for a shower and some food before heading back to the all night dance party. We were determined to dance till the wee hours this time (we had left a little early the night before). I think 3am satisfied that need.

Sunday was the 3rd and final day. We started by getting our asses kicked in a “spins, turns and balance” class. It was basically a mix of ballet, lindy and aerobics. It took the fucking wind out of me. Then it was on to “Jazz Movement”. I’m fairly certain that modern usage of the word “jazz” doesn’t involve black spiritual formation church style dancing, but I really didn’t care. It was fun. Complicated but fun. The best part had to be the entire class shouting “praise Jesus” about a dozen times IN the Jewish Community Center gym, while all the nice Jewish folks watched. It gave me a laugh. After that it was two “instructors choice” classes. Mainly just some new turns and moves to add to our own repitua. Quite fun.

We decided not to go to the last dance, we were pretty tired at that point. We had danced for three days strait, until quite early in the morning. It was time for a little rest. Not to mention the fact that I could move my legs any more. I think we were asleep by about 9, that’s how tired we were.

So, I’m still alive, still kicking, still got that swing feelin’ in my head. It’s a great thing to have again. I’m just loving life at the moment.

Oh, and I did manage to take a few photos this weekend as well as some video. The video is far more interesting. I didn’t have a tripod of flash equipment, so the photos are mainly quick little snap shots. I’ll post them some time this week, as soon as I can find a decent host for videos (and not YouTube).

Matt out.