It completely blows my mind when banks process debits so completely inaccurately. It’s electronic. Purchases should be instant, if not, then by the end of the buisness day at least. I think it’s a fucking scam. Over the past two weeks I’ve done all my normal purchases the way I always do and none of them went through UNTIL I had $20 left in my bank account. I had 15 transactions go through in 1 day. 15! That’s not a fucking coinsidence. Two weeks worth of charges just happened to all hit at the same time… the day before pay day. I don’t think so. I think the bank held them. I do. When I made every single one of those purchases, I had the money in my account. It wasn’t taken out, it wasn’t even reflected in my available balance. Then, suddenly, a large check cleared that dropped by balance. THEN all those checks went through. Not only am I over drawn, but I have 8 over-draft charges at $30 a pop. I have receipts for everything and it boggles my mind that dinner from March 2nd went through yesterday, as did gas from the 5th and a snack yesterday. Two weeks worth of charges just sat there and waited for my balance to be low. Now, I’m not saying I’m a saint when it comes to spending. I’ll freely admit that I run my account into the red on a regular basis. But, it seems to me, that all but the last of those charges should have cleared and ONE check should have bounced. Not 8. They took the biggest and latest BEFORE the eariler charges. That’s crap. Those 15 charges should have been applied in order, the days they occured. Waiting two weeks for charges on a debit card to clear is rediculous and unacceptable. I hate banks. I hate banks, credit unions, credit agencies, money in general and the basic aspects of our commerce. I wonder if anyone will trade animal pelts for beads anymore?