Just past a billboard for CitiBank that either pisses me off or is just generally dumb.

Its a solid white board with black letters that read:

“Don’t let your checkbook balance you.”

What the hell is that supposed to imply?

Come bank with us, we balance your life? If you run out of money come see us, we’l help you out? Stressing over money, we’re help to help?

Bullshit, the bank would never do that. So “helping me” is out. What’s left? That I’m stupid or I’m poor?

If I can’t balance my checkbook I must be stupid. CitiBank wants stupid customers?

If my checkbook is unbalanced I must need money. Why would a bank want poor customers?

My brain hurts with the stupidity of that add. Why not say something like “balancing your checkbook made easy”, implying they had some easy, stressfree way of doing something. Or maybe “overdraft protection makes checkbooks happy” implying that if you typically run out of money they might be able to help prevent overdraft damage.

Offering me fortune cookie-esque wisdom does not make me want to bank with you. Morons.