Not quite the four legged variety but a dog none-the-less. It seems I’ve managed to completely misplace a graphics card. Not like they have occasion to get up and walk around, they seem to like their warm little cases, but one has disappeared regardless. It’s not my current card. No, if that disappeared the authorities would already be on the job. I lost my last graphics card. The duel DVI 4800GT that I planned on making into my living room HTPC along with my old ATI All-in-Wonder TV tuner card. That too has disappeared. I think they’re in on it together. Probably took off for Mexico, the fuckers.

I was piecing together my 2nd system again, in an attempt to make a storage system for myself and a server for various things (bf2, hl2ctf, etc). I suppose it would technically “work” without it, but whats the fun in that.

Anyway, the point is that I tore the house apart looking for it and I couldn’t find it. That makes me a bit angry. That’s all. Just expressing my anger in a constructive way… which is very unlike the “unconstructive” version that involves a baseball bat.