Lauren and I, as I mentioned before the holidays, were saving towards a small personal digital camera for ourselves. Originally I had wanted a discontinued Canon powershot model (The sd40 I think) which has since been replaced with the infinatly more expensive SD80. Although it’s nice, at a “consumer” level, I’m not going to shell out $800 for a camera. If I had $800 I’d buy a lower-level pro-camera instead.

After playing with Ashley’s new camera, the Canon SD550, I was sold. It was everything I wanted in a small consumer camera, and had the big “pro” features to back up its Canon reputation. It also falls nicely into my $300-400 price range.


The SD550 is a whopping 7.1Mpxls in a frame smaller than my wallet. It also packs a 37 – 111 mm lens with 3x optical (not digital) zoom, a 9 point TTL auto focus, a macro mode, 14 shooting modes including an interesting “stich assist” for making panoramics, 7 white balance settings including a custom K temp setting, and a beautiful 2.5” LCD screen which looks very sharp.

Having done my homework, this little beauty really seems to be well liked all the way around. Having actually held it in my hands and played with it for a few minutes has me convinced that this will be a real solid camera to have around the house. I’ll probably give B&H a call this week. I’m excited. 🙂