Well, I’m on my way back from a wedding in Lubbock TX. One of our long time clients wanted us to photograph her wedding.

I’m actually feeling pretty good about what I shot yesterday. Everything went well and I was on my game in terms of shooting. It makes me feel good and even validated as a photographer when I can look at some of the stuff I shot and go “yeah, I like that”.

Its really hard to do what you love and get paid for it. If I was independently wealthy I certainly wouldn’t be doing weddings, I don’t think anyone would. So it falls under the “for the paycheck” category. Knowing that its “a job” and not some you express “want” sometimes can detract from the artistic aspects of it.

Having said that, when I look at stuff I shot and I think that its really good, that makes me feel good as an artist.

Anyway, we heading back to Houston. Its a pretty borring 8hr drive. We’ll stop here and there for some tasty Whataburger and possibly some jerky at this little place in Centerville that makes the worlds best.

In other news, right before I left we got our Canon SD550. Its a sweet little camera. Wallet sized 7.1mpx camera with tons of features. I let you guys know when I put stuff up on flickr.

I hope I’m awake enough to enjoy dancing tonight (I mentioned we were taking swing lessons again right?). We left at 6am. So hopefully we’ll be back around 3-4pm. Dancing is at 7:30 so I’m hoping to catch a quick nap. We’ll see.