Just a quick little list for the new year. I’ve tried hundred and hundreds of extensions since I started using FireFox and there’s 5 that I keep reinstalling/updating whenever there’s a major FF release.

Adblock – Name says it all. Adblocker that’s unmatched. The best part is that it blocks multiple levels of iframes, so those annoying multilevel flash ads are gone in a single click. It also uses wildcards so if you put in something like “*.doubleclick.*” it’ll block anything and everything from that domain. I spent 20-30 minutes browing ad-laden pages, blocking everything. Afterwards 90% of the ads on the web were blocked.

“Once installed, it’s a snap to filter elements at their source-address. Just right-click: Adblock: done. Filters use either the wildcard character (*) or full Regular Expression syntax. Hit the status-element and see what has or hasn’t been blocked.”

AbstractMouse Shared Bookmarks – Service and extension in one. Completely free and private bookmark sync. I use it to sync bookmarks from home and work to each other.

“Keep your firefox bookmarks in sync between multiple computers (think ‘CVS’ for your bookmarks) and the web. This extension works with the browser’s native bookmark storage so you don’t have to learn any new interface.”

GreaseMonkey – Userscript Paradise. Control the web how YOU want with tiny bits of java-script. Pre-determined pages load your code in place of their own, meaning, you can rearrange, block, manipulate pages that you surf regularly. You really need to check this one out. Also check out UserScripts for all the script goodness.

“Adds a whole new extensibility to Firefox by enabling users to add their own mini JavaScripts and set them per site which can do almost anything imaginable to any site on the net. Don’t worry! You don’t need JavaScript knowledge for this as there’s a HUGE repository of user submitted scripts at the GreaseMonkey home page.”

FasterFox – Performance and speed tweaks for FF. Nice and simple.

“Fasterfox allows you to tweak many network and rendering settings such as simultaneous connections, pipelining, cache, DNS cache, and initial paint delay.”

Download Them All – Like Getright or Flashget only as an extension and not an ad-ridden piece of crap spyware. Easy to use. Very powerful.

“DownThemAll lets you filter and download – literally in a click – all the links contained in any web-page, increasing download speed up to 600%, and letting you pause and resume the files any time you want!”