I mentioned before that I had wanted to talk about CTF and BF2 and that I had already written a whole post about it. Here is that post, not 100% in its entirety, becuase I already mentioned some of it. Anyway.

I doubt you guys know (or care) but CTF was left out of the initial release of the game. Dice/EA felt that alternate game play modes were best left to mod teams. I got other that initial slap in the face because I knew it would only be a short time before mod makers cranked out all sorts of gameplay modes. I’m still waiting, kinda.

This bring me to Desert Conflict. A mod that is trying to recreate the feel of old school Desert [b]Combat[/b] for the original bf1942. Some have argued that BF2 IS essentially Desert Combat since its a modern warfare game and Dice bought Trama Studios who made DC. I’m under the belief that Dice took all of Tramas good ideas, used a few, then fired the whole dev team. Anyway, that’s not important. What is is that the DCon team, this weekend, releases a CTF mini-mod to satiate fans who were clamering for it. Its an early, early beta. Its not bad. What’s lame is that they refused, flat out, to release the server code. Meaning that everyone who wanted to run a CTF server can’t. What’s funny is that they releases this so that the fans would be happy and that maybe it would attrack some good press and support for the mod when they release the full version in a few months.

I feel like by releasing the server code to 10, yes, 10 servers total (world wide) that it does nothing but hurt the fans they were trying to please. Who wants to wait in line for hours to get on the one server nearest to them, which might be across the country, only to play with a shitty ass ping? That doesn’t make any sense.

Their reasoning is that the servers are really the only place where the gametype specific code is and they a) don’t want anyone to steal it and b) arrogantly believe that they are the only ones that can properly administrate their stuff. So, even if you were lucky enough to be a CTF server, you had to give them YOUR Rcon info. They wouldn’t even let you put it up. That’s taking it a bit far.

I don’t think I’d be jumping at the chance to give a stranger rcon access to my server.

And that’s were I left off, obviously, if you read the other post, you know that they’ll be releasing server code in the future, which does a bit to calm my anger at their initial decision.

Anyway, I’ve got to get ready for work today, we’re shooting a party (10-2am) tonight. Oi.