Almost everytime I try and write a post I’m interupted. At least, that’s what it seems like these past two weeks. I appologize for my absense. Christmas is a busy time for photo studios. People feel the need to flood friends and relatives with pictures of themselves and that’s where I come in.

There’s so many topics I wanted to talk about, there always is. One in perticular is CTF for BF2. That problem seems to have solved itself, or at least will shortly. I had this whole long post perpared (and saved in my “drafts” email box) about CTF, Desert Conflict and the aggrivations for the past two weeks. I’ll instead give you the incredibly abreviated version.

Desert-Conflict is a BF2 mod. They released CTF as an alternative game play mode and a “preview” of things to come in their mod last week. They only released server code to “trusted” servers, which was basically themselves and their friends. The rest of the community felt jaded and were more or less pissed off. Everyone had wanted to run their own servers, us included. Nasty emails and forum posted flew. Whether they had a change of heart or just didn’t want to take it anymore is up for debate, but today they announced that soon we’ll have a version 0.2 and they’ll release the code to the general public. “About effing time” was the general concensus.

Besides BF2 there’s also been a bunch of stuff going on. My car is having a few issues, mostly minor but annoying. Until yesterday I didn’t have the money to fix any of them. My left headlight it out and my break light has been coming on. The light is a quick (yet expensive) fix. Luckily my headlights are the “bulb” variety that simply swing into place and can be removed seperatly from the housing. My previous cars required entire replacement units (the entire plastic light, reflector bits, lightbuld, etc) and were far more expensive. The other problem, the brake light, is due to flow break fluid and the cold weather. A bottle of break fluid should take care of it.

Lastly, next week is my birthday. You all know by now how much I hate this time of year and my birthday. I can never really fully explain why. I just do. Most of you have been present for one (or several) so I’m being redundant. Maybe it’s the time of year, the weather, the general hustle and bustle of the season, I don’t know, but I’ve never been quite able to get into the holiday spirit and being in that non-mood leads me to appreciate my birthday far less. Lauren, and I love her for it, has tried to change all that and provide me with fantastic birthdays. This year she’s planned to take me to a place called Fantasy Island. No, it’s not porn. It’s actually a resturant/magic show. They have several small dining rooms where slight of hand magicians perform for small groups of tables before the larger show after dinner. I don’t know if anyone is aware of it or not, but I’ve always been a HUGE fan of magic and slight of hand. I’ve tried for years, though not aggresively, to pick up some slight of hand skills. I can appreciate the art. So, that’s where I’ll be next week. I thought that was pretty cool.

At my behest, my mouse problem is also solved thanks to a timely birthday present. Now, technically I haven’t received it yet, but there’s a shiny new Logitech G5 laser mouse waiting for me on Wednesday.

I’ve also got to say a quick thanks to Jake for hooking me up with a Fever Pitch movie poster from his theatre. That was very thoughtful of him and it’ll be going up in my study right next to the RedSox WS 2004 plaque. Thanks Jake!

I wish I could sit here and ramble on for hours, but that would be counter-productive, and my lunch break simply isn’t that long. Later.