Sweet. Danger and T-mobile have rolled out a new firmware version via their over-the-air update system. Moving from v2.0 of the phone to 2.3. The new and improved include:

-Customize your key guard screen using a photo from your Gallery.
-Create a new item from the splash screens (Ctrl-N, basically)
-Support for JavaScript on Web pages
-Use live email, URL, and phone number links on Web pages.
-AIM: Choose your buddy icon from your Photo Gallery.
-AIM: Use live email, URL, and phone number links in conversations.
-Email: Select multiple messages from the Browse Messages screen.
-Address Book: each contact can store up to five IM names, plus launch conversations from the menu.
-Camera: Create a slideshow from your photos.
-Camera: Rotate a photo.
-Camera: New “List” and “zoom” views.

…and about 100 other things. Most of them pretty substantial improvements to the system and the device. My theory being that they’re making an update like this as a step between OSs as they transition from a proprietary DangerOS to a Java based system. The announcement of their partnership with Sun came last year but this is the first signifigant upgrade to the device since I’ve had it. Also, rumors put a completely Java based Sidekick 3 in comsumer hands by early next year. That would be fantastic. I’d love a java capable machine that has access to T-mobile hotspots, bluetooth and an improved camera. Those are my three main compaints with the sidekick as it is. Anything else would be gravy.