I sitting in the parking lot of the Brazoria county courthouse at the moment. I’m visiting it for the 2nd time this week. On Monday I was selected for a pannel. For those of you fortunate enough not to have had jury duty yet, a pannel is a larger “pre-jury”, meaning you’ve been selected but not assigned yet. You still have a slim chance to go actually sit through the trial, you might be an alternate, you might be dismissed all together.

So, being picked for a pannel on Monday brings me to today. The trial starts this morning and jury selection is immediatly before hand. Why they couldn’t have picked the jury when we were all here on Monday is beyond me. Regardless, we all had to come back today.

Part of me kinda wants to see the actual trial, since I drove all this way. The other half of me calls that first half a raving lunitic and wants to go back to bed.

Oh, I’m off to serve the public, or some crap like that.