Man, the internet is a crazy friggin place. Last night I was reading on Digg, my new favorite site by the way, that something insane was happening over at Methlabs with PeerGuardian. Apparently, the guy responsible for handling Methlabs and’s donations, in a bid for power, took control over the web servers, forums and financial accounts of the team. The official PG homepage, the forums and any information coming from BlockList is now said to be compromised. The development team has moved what they could salvage to the SourceForge site that PG was downloaded from and put up a press release about it.

” The majority of the administration and development team have been forced out of their website following a series of threats and incidents. The member of the group that had been trusted to handle the finances and servers slowly managed to take over each individual part of the website’s assets, eventually claiming control over the entire group and locking out the majority of staff.

The organisation’s founders, Tim Leonard and Ken McKelland, as well as the majority of the organisation’s staff and developers (including the main developer of the PeerGuardian2 application, Cory Nelson and the staff members responsible for auditing the PeerGuardian Blocklists) have all been forcibly removed from the servers that were funded from donations given to the organisation by happy users, and from text advertising placed on the websites forum and project pages. “

That’s nuts. Goes to show you, you should never let a single person control all of YOUR hard work. At this point, no one knows what to think about this and everyone is urged not to download from Methlabs and NOT to update your blocklists. I’m glad I heard about this, I was just about to.