So, I sit down for a few rounds of BF2 last night and I’m barely able to finish 1 map. I’m lagging so bad that the game is unplayble. I’ve seen and heard the horror stories from the people this happened to when the game was released, but as of two weeks ago I was playing perfectly. Low pings, great frame rate, everything. Now I’ve moved and everything has gone to hell. 2 blocks shouldn’t make that much difference. The cable modem is the same, my computer hasn’t changed, bf2 sat untouched. I don’t get it.

I’ve checked everything too. My system specs were perfect before hand, nothings changed. I’ve updated drivers, checked connections, run speed tests the whole deal.

The average speed test says I’m getting abouy 4.5M down and 250k up, well within cable modem norms. Yet, randomly, a web page will time out or, my main problem, bf2 will hang for sometimes up to 10 seconds.

Gx, one of my fellow Crew members pointed out that sometimes there’s a super shitty NOC outside Dallas that causes him problems similar to what I’m having. He suggested running a quick tracert to our server (which happens to be IN Dallas) durring peak hours tonight. I’m going to give that a try tonight.

What I really can’t understand is the “burst” effect. Its like I’m driving a really fast car… through stop and go traffic lights. I get great speed in short bursts, but when I go to “take it on the highway” and use that sustained/constant speed, it chokes. Something an expensive car and cable modem shouldn’t do.

I’m this close to jumping up the chain to tier 3 tech support and really chewing someone out. Aaaaarrrrrggg.

All I want to do is play the stupid game. Nothing else. Its all I ask of my internet.