Well, day three and we’re still waiting. The crazy media machine has made it next to impossible to stop watching the coverage.

We’re still here at the ranch, dry and bored.

Luckily the storm went east in the last few hours, missing Houston by about 80 miles. Of course, 50 miles isn’t a whole lot when the storm is about 120 miles wide. The Texas Louisanna boarder took the brunt of it. Houston was luckily on the clean / weaker side of the storm. Power is out in most of the area, and that’s to be expected, so no one is headed back to town yet. Geting 2 million people out was a pain, but they had 3 days. Letting 2 million back IN tonight and tomorrow will be insane.

Thankfully, I don’t work Mondays and no one else seems to care about heading back right away, so I think we might wait, let the crazies go home, and head back Monday night.

Looks like everything worked out.