I haven’t mentioned it this week but Chris has been in Houston visiting his friend Doug. I phrase it like that because I’m getting the impression that Doug and his wife dislike me and that I’m some sort of 3rd wheel friend. You know what, I’m sorry, I’ve only known Chris since he was 10, sorry I’m getting in the way of your vacation time, but I’d like to hang out with him for more than 1 evening.

I digress. I did have fun last night. The Astros lost 4-2 but it was a good game. We had great seats, 3rd base side field boxes, 1st level. Very nice. Lauren’s mom works for NASA so we got a discount, half price I think. I’m glad I went. It was interesting to note that theres a conviently placed Citco sign out in left field. It almost felt like home.

I had been to MinuteMaid park before, but with really crappy seats. This was far more enjoyable.

I dunno, maybe I’m drawing too many conclusions about last night. I hadn’t eaten all day and my blood sugar was really low. Maybe I was just irritable. They were nice enough to give me a ride to the park since my office was on the way. And Doug’s wife is a RedSox fan, so there’s points right there. I was hoping that they’d be the type of people that Lauren and I could be friends with long after Chris went back home, but if they don’t like us there’s nothing I can do to force that. Oh well.

Hope Chris is having fun at least.