Well, its a good thing I’m moving out because my apartment office just pissed me off. Now, I understand the concept of a moving out notice. They’re 60 days sort of things. I get that I’m culpable for 60 days worth of rent from the day I drop off said notice. Now, what I can’t understand, is a 80% of your rent FEE for breaking a contract that I’m not under. I’m month-to-month in terms of living there. There is no lease I’m breaking. You can’t make me pay a fee for breaking something that doesn’t exist. So, instead of paying only August and a month-to-month fee, I’m having to pay August, September, part of October PLUS September and August in the new place. Yeah. I’m a happy camper.

So, in effort to relieve my fustrations I played some BF2 and now I’m on my way to get a tasty cigar. I hate apartments.