All week the security nazis here at the Laredo Entertainment Center have been hastling me and Paul. Yesterday was the worst. What I can’t understand is that we’re catching shit while we’re wearing full access badges. People not wearing badges aren’t getting second looks. This was my conversation with two security asshats yesterday…

Tard – Can I help you?
Me – I’m the photographer, excuse me (starts walking past)
Tard – but can I help you with something, who are you with?
Me – I’m the official photographer. See the badge?
Tard – Well, you’ll need to be escourted.
Me – I don’t think so. I’m the OFFICIAL photographer. This is an all access pass, now excuse me I have to get in there.
Tard2 – Excuse me sir, is there a problem?
Me – Yeah, let me through, I’m the photographer, see the badge?
Tard2 – Yes sir, but you’ll have to check in with Guest Services.
Me – I don’t have time for this, excuse me (walks away as the call for the security guard)

It went downhill from there. I won’t bore you with the explatives. Retards.

So, with one night left here in town, let me send a big warm fuzzy “fuck off” to the security morons here at the Laredo Entertainment Center.