I started this post about 6 times already, most of it mundane and stupid so I quit. The result of which is I now have a few different things to mention but that I don’t want to discuss any of them in great detail. I probably will anyways, such is the nature of the beast.

As some (none) of you might have heard, Battlefield 2 has gone gold. It’s ship date is the 21st. I’ve had my preorder for quite sometime now. The DVD special edition with bonus usb headset will be on its way soon. I can’t say I’m excited because that wouldn’t be doing it justice. It’s already gotten E3 Game of the Year by about 4 different media outlets. From everything I’ve read, watched, studied about it, it will truely be a great step in gaming history. If any of you can break yourselves away from World of Warcraft for 30 seconds, I urge you to at least try the demo, which will be out next week.

I can’t even put into words the number of cool things involved in this game. Hell, I couldn’t even do that for the original. If you’ve NEVER played any of this and I’m just rambling, indulge me for just one brief second…

You, and 60 of your closest friends, on dynamically changing terrain, can do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g… You can grab a gun (from on of 8 classes), and seek out the enemy on foot. You can take control of a 40 ton Abrams M1 battle tank and level the town. You can jump into one of the attack helicopters and rain hellfire missles down apon unsuspecting ground troops. You can take a JSF and Mig jet and dog fight with fully interactive cockpits. Alternatively, you can support anyone else doing any of the above. You can be an engineer and repair damaged tanks, you can be a medic and heal wounded soldiers, you can be heavy assault class and give ammo to all your friends. You can blow up bridge with c4 as a special ops class, you can repair/rebuild them as the engineer. This goes way beyond normal “class” system game play. Each division has a specific roll to play (if they choose to) and you team can take advantage of these to win. Or, conversely, you can take up a gun and just shoot other people, which is equally fun. Battlefield 1942 was revolutionary in the way that you could choose what you wanted to do. You weren’t stuck on foot or in a vehicle and you weren’t limited to a single strategy to win. Deathmatch this is not. Battlefield 2 takes all that “total interactivity” and adds beautiful graphics, a serious kick ass physics engine, more options for every option, and most importantly, a complete sense of teamwork, the thing most online game lack completely.

Have you played CS (or CS:S) and it’s a one man show? “That guy” has a score of 1000 and everyone is kinda just running at each other guns blasing. That is the opposite of BF2. The basic game is “conquest”, or “control and hold” would be more accurate. Capture points are scattered high and low and you must control them to make the other team “lose tickets” or points. When the tickets reach 0, you lose. You can’t take a control point by yourself (at least not easily), which makes some sort of team interaction a must. Even if it’s just “run guns blazing” in a group, atleast you’re doing it with other people.

Anyway, it’s going to rock. I really can’t explain it any more than that. I’ll be playing it, and probably talking about it, for the next few years. I hope to at least see some of you on the battlefield. You don’t have to stay long if you don’t like it. To each their own.

So… battlefield leads me to my team and that leads me to Nagle.

Nagle has been working hard on a new set of logos for me and my crew. I came up with the basic idea and he ran with it. They’re turning out fantastic and I’m very excited about them. Watch this space shortly (probably next week) for a preview of what I’m talking about. I certainly appreciate all his hard work. The look really kick ass. Thanks Nagle.

That’s about all I’ve got time for, Lauren and I are hanging out with Ashley and some friends tonight.