I’m at the office at the moment, preparing for my second wedding in two days. We had a double header this weekend, Friday and Saturday. Both sizeable events.

Last night was a nightmare that I managed to stumble my way through. Not for any malpractice on my part mind you, but just general system wide equipment failure. My Quantum Turbo battery bit the dust and my backup has some funky problem where after ten minutes it flashes “check turbo” and promptly dies. My boss’ camera litterly fell off it’s bracket. I handed off my rig to him so he could continue shooting while I fixed his. 30 minutes later and after completely replacing nearly every part of our setup, we got his into working order again.

Add to all that the fact that I was playing full contact camera hockey with a small asian guy with a pro rig. Apparently someone told him to come and take pictures “just in case” or some bullshit like that and he was in my face ALL NIGHT. For example, as the ceremony is starting, I’m positioned at the end of the isle so I can get the father walking the bride down the isle. I’m shooting away and suddenly this guy jumps in front of my shot. He does it again a half dozen times. After the ceremony he’s shooting directly next to our set up and copying us picture for picture. We had enough and told him in not so polite terms to get lost or else there would be physical harm. The rest of the night he kept on shooting anyway. At one point I tapped him on the shoulder and said “move… now” and gave him the dirtiest look I could muster. He was in MY spot for some dancing photos and had slid in there when I turn my back. He didn’t move, so I walked through and OVER him. I made it my personal mission to stand infront of every single shot he was taking for the rest of the night. He got the hint and by cake cutting time he was gone.

I can’t understand that. The bride didn’t hire him, the groom didn’t hire him, none of the family hired him or knew who he was. My only thought is that the reception facility hired him. I just don’t care actually. I’m hired by the family to take pictures of their daughters wedding. No one is going to get in my way, make me miss a shot I need, or make me compromise on an angle I want.

If I was hired as a 2nd photographer to someone, I would make it a point to go up, introduce myself, say that I’m not trying to get in their way but that I was hired to take picture of the decorations or something. I wouldn’t jump infront of another photographer like that. That’s the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen.

But the mashed potato bar was good, so, there ya go.

Todays wedding is further south of the city, at some country club thing. It’s smaller than last nights thankfully. We’re only supposed to be there from 3-9:30. At least, thats what we’ve been paid for. The party is scheduled until 10:30 but we don’t know if we’re staying that long. I hope not.

After the wedding I’m going to grab my car from the studio and head 3 hours west to New Braunfels, to a little ranch where I’ll be chilling for the weekend. Lauren and he family left this morning and I’m meeting them tonight. Thats why I hope the wedding doesn’t run long. Starting a 3 hour drive at 9:30 instead of 11 is a huge difference. Either way there’s Red Bull to keep me company.

Alright. Back to work. Have a great weekend everybody. I’ll be in Margarittaville if you need me. 🙂