I heard about this on the radio this morning… all the way in Houston. They mentioned “a mall in Nashua NH” had a few new rules. Among them, requiring that anyone under 21 be accompanied by an adult. They’ve also got a dress code and a new conduct code. Basically, teenagers just got the boot. No offensive clothing, no skimpy clothing, no skateboarding, rollerblading or bikes and no one under 21 allowed without a parent. Bye bye goth mall rats.

Having worked at that mall, I think this is friggin awesome. It was out of control. 14 year olds wearing nothing and hanging out ALL DAY was just nuts. Now, I don’t mind malls, I don’t even mind teenagers in malls, but you would have to visit Nashua to know what I’m talking about. That mall was turning into the “dirt mall” really quickly.

Anyway, I was going to link the story, but it would cost you $2.95 to read it from the Telegraph… so, you’ll just have to trust me on this one.