Well, T-Mobile customer support is either on crack or just plain lazy. Both are equally annoying. My boss ordered the new phones last Monday with customer support telling him they’d be there by Thursday. Guess what SHIPPED on Thursday? Yup, the phone. We’ll be lucky if we get them this week.

In the meantime, I’ve taken to the web to find out every trick and tip out there for my new SideKick 2. Apparently I can hack the shit out of it. If you download a developer’s SDK from the Danger (manufacture’s) website, you can do all sorts of crazy shit with it. Out of the box it doesn’t suppoer mp3 or mmf ringtones, only Poly and Midi. Unlocked, you can play anything you want. You can even use Java J2EE and Apache Ant to compile custom programs to run on the thing. I’m also on the lookout for a discontinued program called Hiptones XP. It’s apparently THE hack for the sidekicks but Danger got pissed, threatened to sue and now it’s gone underground. If anyone can find something like that online, it’s probably me.

This is gonna be good.

The only thing I need to figure out is a way to upload pictures to my journal. There’s a WordPress hack that lets you add images in-line within the “Blog by Email” feature, but to use it you have to have an unsecure pop3 account, something I don’t want. You also have to set up Cron jobs to automatically check that unsecured email account, something else I don’t want to fool with. So, I wonder if some sort of FTP program might be possible, I’ll have to keep digging. I’ve already found small communities of Hiptop/Sidekick developers making interesting programs.

Matt out.