Last night I got to thinking about my Sidekick. As I was using it and trying out the phone features I held it up to my head to make a few phone calls. Afterwards, instinctively I wiped off the screen. It’s what I did with my Nokia, it’s what I do with our cameras here at the office. I don’t want to get dirt, oil or other grab imbeded in the screen or in the cracks and crevices of whatever I’m using. Then it hit me. This thing is practically a PDA right? I wonder if they sell those clear pastic adhesive sheets are screen protectors. This thing has a fairly large screen, I’d like it to be protected. So, after running a few errands, Lauren and I stopped off at Worst Buy to look in their phone section. Well, their not a T-mobile affiliate, so they only carry Version and Sprint accesories, which is such horse shit. Why they couldn’t carry a car charger or headset for anyone else is beyond me. Anyway, I didn’t find anything T-mobile specific, but I did find some for PDAs. They’re by a company called Fellowes (link here) and they call them WriteRight – Micro Thin Screen Protectors. They came in different sizes, but I got the “universal” size so I could trim them as nessisary. I went home, slapped one on my Sidekick and from now on I don’t have to worry about the screen… unless of course I sit on it. I also brought them into work and slapped a few on my boss’ phone as well as the cameras. There were 12 sheets in the box and I’ve got at least 8 left. Not bad for a few bucks.